Caged Feeders

Universal  Tube add-a cage

Add a cage. Make your tube feeder into a caged feeder. Wide slot in the top allows for easy fitting of numerous types of hanging feeders. 1" hole in bottom allows for pole mounting. Cage measures 12" in diameter and 16.5" tall.

2x Suet Cakes 2x Mill Wheels 4x 240PB suet balls

Universal  Tube add-a cage

Caged suet basket that can be either hung or mounted directly onto a 1" steel pole.


Mangeoire Colibris Preserve Caged Feeder

Colibris Preserve Caged Feeder.  Decorative wire. Approx. 15" X 8-1/2". 4 feeding ports. Lid lifts up..


Suet Basket in Cage

Baffled feeder holds two standard suet cakes and is surrounded by sturdy 16 gauge vinyl coated wire mesh with 1-1/2" openings to keep out starlings and squirrels.14"W X 18"H


Mangeoire Caged Feeder

Sunflower domed Cage. Feeder for Small Birds. 15" Length. 8" Diameter. Capacity of 1 lb., 4 ports. Green colour with clear tube. Extended top. Spring clamp. Sheltering dome. Stainless steel wire. UV stabilized polycarbonate tube. Coated 1-1/2" openings.


Caged Finch Feeder

Domed Caged Yellow Nyjer Feeder. 2.5" diameter, Powder Coated 15", multi port Nyjer Feeder in 11" diameter Black cage with dome cover. Wire bottom.