Oriole Birdfeeders

No Leak Oriole Feeder with Insect Guards

Hanging oriole feeder, built in wasp guards, strong perches, ergonomic perches, clear reservoir, , ant moat, brass hanger, pole mountable (guards not shown)


Window Oriole Feeder

Double high quality suction cups,
removable & clear reservoir,
rain cover, ergonomic perch, spring loaded wasp guard includes 2 suction cups and bee guards 


Oriole Feeder-Plastic

Wide-mouth reservoir and patented two-part base is easy to fill and clean. The durable polymer feeder features 10 feeding ports, 32 ounce nectar capacity, s-hook, and round perch design. Innovative sealing ring aids in leak prevention
Orange base attracts inquisitive Orioles

Approx. size is 9.5"X21"X14".

Orange Oriole Feeder

Orange Oriole Feeder. 40 oz. capacity. 3 feeding stations. Perches are removable. 10�" diameter by 8" tall. Green base, orange perches and feeder.


Oriole Bird Feeder

24 oz. Oriole Feeder with Green branch style perches that fold up for easy merchandising. Reversing funnel cap makes filling clean and easy. No drip design. Bee Guards. 3 perches. Orange in color.


Oriole Bird Feeder

16 oz. Saucer Oriole Feeder. 4 perches. No drip design. Bee guards. Built-in ant moat. Removable top - easy to fill and clean. Includes free identification chart.. Orange in color.

Oriole Bird Feeder

Oriole Egg Style feeder. 32 oz. with 2 position perch for all varieties of orioles. Bee guard. 4 feeding stations. Includes free identification chart. Orange color.

Oriole Bird Feeder

Glass Oriole Feeder. 24 oz. Gem cut glass bottle. Has decorative wire basket & chain. Drip resistant nectar reservoir. Wire perches included. 3 Feeding Stations.


Oriole Bird Feeder

Deluxe Oriole Feeder with Bee Guards. 36 oz. capacity. 3 perches. Easy to clean. Orange base and hanger. Clear Plastic feeding reservoir.


Aspects Oriole Saucer

Oriole Saucer feeder. 16 oz. capacity. 4 feeding ports. Has built-in ant moat, engraved nectar recipe under cover, solid brass hanging rod, and durable, easy-to-clean polycarbonate. Lifetime guarantee. Bold orange color. Larger ports & perches for orioles.


Fliteline 48 oz Oriole Feeder w/Active Bee Guards

3 Feeding stations. Bee/Wasp guards. Pole mount or hang. Flat top for easy filling. Generous 48-52 oz capacity. Large mouth snap apart base for easy cleaning.


Fliteline Jr. 30 oz Oriole Feeder w/Active Bee Guards

3 Feeding Stations. Bee/Wasp guards. Pole mount or hang. Large 30 oz. capacity. Flat top for easy filling. Large mouth snap apart base for easy cleaning.


Oriole Feeder

Brushed copper cut glass oriole feeder Capacity: N/A Dimensions: 9" dia x 12.5" H

Glass Jelly Dish

Glass dish jelly cup in orange with wire hanger


Glass Jelly Dish with Coil Hook

Glass dish jelly cup in orange with coil to fit 1" poles


Jelly Jar Feeder

Large Orange Blossom
Attracts Orioles
Includes jelly jar
Hanger System included
Easy to use
Easy to clean

Oriole Jelly

This is a human grade jelly in a 20.5 oz squeeze bottle. Jelly is made of grape juice, concord grapes, blackberries and pure granular sugar. No preservatives or additives. ALL NATURAL! Does not need refrigerated.


Orange & Suet Ball Feeder

Black Metal Oriole Feeder. Holds 4 pieces of fruit. Hangs.

Copper Oriole Jelly Feeder

Brushed Copper Oriole Feeder Capacity: N/A Dimensions: 10.5 Dia. X 12"H


Oriole Jelly Feeder

Going Green Recycled Plastic Oriole Jelly  Feeder

measures: 11.675"L x 8.25"D x 8.25"H

Oriole Jelly Feeder

Going Green Recycled Plastic Oriole Jelly  Feeder with 2 jelly jars
measures: 4.5" D x 6" W x 9" H

Oriole Feeder

Classic Oriole Feeder. Capacity of 12-16 oz. 8.75"W x 2"D x 8.25"H. Orange with Brass rod. 4 Nectar feeding stations. 4 Jelly feeding stations. Also holds 1/2 orange. Built-in Ant Guard. Dishwasher safe.


Fruit Feeder 

Fruit Feeder. Simplicity of design. Easy way to offer oranges. Powder coated orange metal design. Easy to wash in dishwasher. Strong rust resistant chain with hook. Loops securely around branches.


Brosse Three Way Hummingbird Feeder Cleaning Brushes

Hummingbird Brush Kit. Cleans stem, or opening of feeder flowers. Cleans nectar bottles, and feeder bottle bases.


Brosse Two Way Hummingbird Feeder Cleaning Brush

2 in 1 Hummingbird Brush. Large brush cleans nectar bottle and small brush cleans nectar bottle socket.