Tower Feeders

Tin Jay Bird Feeder AKA Twig Feeder

Twig Feeder. Lift off top. Cast metal perches. 6 feeder stations. Holds 2lbs. of seed. Leaf pattern on plastic. Approx. 16" X 6".


Mountain Chapel Bird Feeder

Mountain Chapel feeder. Holds 3.6 lbs. of seed Empties completely. Lift up top. Shingle Roof. Leaf print windows. Approx. 10" X 14" X 10"


Pine Bird Feeder

Pinery Bird Feeder. Holds 4 lbs. Feeder empties completely. Slide up top. Wooden with shingled roof. Approx. 14" X 8"


Silo Crafty Canadian

Crafty Canadian feeder with Evenseed system. Improved design. Has 6 port


Seed Silo

Deluxe octagonal feeder has large capacity and 12 feeding stations.


Metal Feeder

Garden Tulip Feeder. Fully assembled. Durable powder coat finish steel top and bottom. Clear plastic tubes with flower imprints.