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Valued & New Customers

We are exited to introduce ourselves to you as the new owners of For The Birds Bird Seed Company. We have lived in the area all our lives. Matthew has been in the trucking industry for the last 12 years previously he was an operating manager at a local agro centre. Jo-Anne has managed in both the retail and restaurant industry. We also run a successful fire wood business and farm together. As we have always been customer service focused in both our fire wood business and employment we will also continue this practice at For The Birds. Offering great service and quality products. We look forward to continuing business with established clients and building a new clientele as well. If there are products that are of interest to you that we may be able to offer we welcome the opportunity to discuss these with you.

Yours Truly,

Matthew Smith
Owner/Sales Manager
705-879-2744 (cell)
Jo-Anne Smith
Operations Manager
705-464-7333 (cell)




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