Where to find us:
Our store location is 570 Cambray Rd just west of the town of Cambray 
we also have products in the following stores
Lindsay Home Hardware Kent st lindsay
Shaw Pro Hardware Pefferlaw
Bancroft Foodland Bancroft
Bobcageon Foodland, Bobcageon
Haliburton Foodland, Haliburton
Walkers Home Hardware, Haliburton
Minden Home Hardware, Minden
Minden Merchantile, Minden
Dollos Foodland, Minden
Kinmout foodtown, Kinmount
Cardiff General store, Cardiff
Sayers Foodland, Apsley
Wilberforce Foodland, Wilberforce
Penataguishene Foodland, Penatanguishene
Sobeys, Fenelon Falls
Coboconk Foodland, Coboconk
Sheild Home Hardware, Coboconk
Omemee Foodland, Omemee
Welcome Feeds, Bomanville
Alliance Agri-Turf, Lindsay
Beaverton Foodland, Beaverton
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