Do you love to watch the birds gather around a feeder in your yard?  Their bright plumage and musical calls bring pleasure year round.  Did you know there are as many different kinds of feeders as there are types of birdseed?  It's important to know your target species and the kind of seed you intend to feed them so you can choose the perfect birdfeeder for your situation.

Below you will find a small selection of the birdfeeders we carry.  The links below will take you to one of our wholesale suppliers.  If you can find it on their website, we can order it for you.  If you have any questions about the type of birdfeeder you should use in your yard, please call, email, or visit us.


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Above, you can see one side of the main birdfeeder aisle in the store.  We carry an extensive assortment of birdfeeders.  In the bottom right-hand corner of the photo is a selection of handcrafted wooden creations made by local artisans.  Moving left, you can see feeders that are made in plastic or metal and which are designed with specific applications in mind.  Some of the tubular feeders are made for the smallest seeds, such as nyjer, while others have larger ports for feed like sunflower seeds and corn.  We also stock a number of different kinds of baffles, which can be hung above suspended birdfeeders or secured below pole-mounted feeders to deter squirrels and other unwanted visitors to the birdfeeder

To the right, you can see more of the wooden feeders and a number of other options such as pop-bottle feeders (a perch which screws onto the threaded end of a 2L pop bottle), various steel hooks for hanging birdfeeders and houses from tree limbs or brackets and steel poles and hooks that can be driven into the ground to create a free-standing feeding station.  Most of our steel poles can accommodate optional extra hooks so more than one birdfeeder can be hung from the same pole.

There are also birdfeeders that have weight-sensitive ports that close when larger birds or squirrels try to eat and others with an inner tube surrounded with steel mesh that allows only smaller birds to gain access to the birdseed inside.  Our most popular brand of rodent-proof feeders is the Squirrel Buster line, which includes models that can carry different sizes of seeds and accommodate a variety of birds who may prefer perches or mesh.

Not all birdfeeders are designed to hold seeds.  Many birds, particularly jays and woodpeckers, need high levels of energy, especially in the winter.  Suet cakes, which are made from rendered beef or mutton fat and often enhanced with fruit or seeds, are fed from wire baskets.

Some songbirds, such as orioles and hummingbirds, like to drink sugary water from special feeders with ports that mimic the bright blossoms of flowers from which they often eat the nectar.